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APP ecommerce Prestashop

Specific features, instant navigation, push notifications, compatible with iOS and Android.
Create a one to one relationship with your customers.

Impress your customers by offering them the
best mobile shopping experience!

Why an APP is better than a Responsive website?

  • Improves engagement

    Some research suggests that users who use apps have a better involvement rather than browsing a regular website (2.4 more impressions than average).

  • Take advantage of the power of native language

    Our app integrates seamlessly with user device thanks to native support, it creates an unique experience for the user by offering geolocation and other device-related specific features.

  • Improve best user experience

    Despite the efforts of a website, the app is still the ideal solution for the mobile experience. Born for the mobile, designed for mobile: there are no better solutions.
  • Extends brand visibility on new channels

    Increase the visibility of your brand and stand out from the competition by publishing on Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore

Designed for mobile with many specific features

Customer login

User can register and login your e-commerce

Instant search

App uses all the power and speed of the SniperFast engine, offering an instant search and navigation experience

Advanced filters

Thanks to advanced search filters your customers can find the product they are looking for in a few seconds

Order history

Users can check all their orders history, created in the app and created directly in the ecommerce

SmartPhone e Tablet support

The interface adapts to all peripherals, optimized for mobile Smartphone and Tablet


Thanks to advanced statistics, you can precisely  check searches and conversions.

Choose your design

You can configure the official colors of the APP, customize the homepage with your banners and much more

Ready in minutes

Thanks to the dedicated module you can configure the APP quickly by entering your logo and your company data

Publish your APP
in official stores

The APP is perfectly compatible with IOS and Android and can be published in the Official Apple App Store and Google Play Store stores

Customizable with additional features

SniperFast ecommerce app for Prestashop can be customized by adding many features that make it even more complete. For more information, see this page for the version SniperFast APP PRO.

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Improve your site. It only takes a few minutes

  • Quick and easy installation

  • No template changes and improved store efficiency

  • External service. No load for your server

  • Javascript and SEO optimized code

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