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Improve your e-commerce sales

Power search and personalization. Turn your visitors into customers with Sniperfast

Standard Site Search

The standard internal search engine is often slow and inaccurate. All it takes is one wrong letter and it won’t return results.

Sniperfast Search

Add a new instant search system to your ecommerce. It only takes a few minutes to improve the sales of your online store.

Your customers find what they are looking for. You increase sales.

Can be integrated on any platform


Sniperfast Recommendations,
offer the right products in the right place.

Power personalization and relevance throughout the entire customer journey. Improve the up-selling and cross-selling of your e-commerce in just a few clicks.

Why SniperFast?

Today, everyone wants everything right now

The customer is increasingly demanding. A suboptimal online shopping experience results in a daily loss of customers and money.

Ready in minutes. Zero maintenance

The integration of SniperFast is fast and easy to activate. It does not impact your site in the least and does not require any particular technical requirements.

Clear prices and low costs. Unlimited requests

Flexible subscription bands suitable for any project and your business. Don’t worry about monthly requests, with SniperFast they are unlimited.

Activate it in



without writing a line of code

Try it free for



No Credit Cards Required

Our staff is at your disposal to answer all your questions, without obligation.

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Improve your site. It only takes a few minutes

  • Quick and easy installation

  • No template changes and improved store efficiency

  • External service. No load for your server

  • SEO optimized code

Improve your site now

Start the free 30 days trial now!

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