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What our customers saying

Andrea Conte

KickKick.it – CEO
Excellent search service for e-commerce sites, we have integrated it into both our Svapoebasta.com and Kickkick.it websites and we immediately had positive feedback from customers and consequently an increase in sales. Before we used a similar system, but Sniperfast is clearly better, it does not affect the speed of the site and the use of the server, and from an immediate and correct response to the customer without errors. Council!

Tiziana Sommariva

Jumpstore – CEO

Among the first to use it in our Jumpstore store. The solution to all the problems of research on prestashop. Appreciated by customers, it has reduced the frequency of bouncing and increased searches in the store, allowing us to better understand what potential buyers are looking for. In short, an indispensable service, proven and confirmed.

Angelo Massante

Partylandia – CEO

Valid tool to improve the search for products on the website. We have installed it on www.partylandia.it and we are really satisfied.

Alberto Traesio

Tradeshopitalia – CEO

Excellent solution for an e-commerce

Michele Maresi

WRS – Direttore Commerciale

Fantastic, fast, intuitive and precise research. Highly recommended!

Gionatan Sangiacomo

3dperte.com – CEO
Module nothing short of fantastic, it revolutionizes your search, I have been using it for several months on my site www.3dperte.com and thanks to this module the searches are perfect, it solves all the basic problems of basic research of the platform, in my case of prestashop, the search is hyper fast and is very flexible and customizable in backend, furthermore with the latest updates perfection is further improved. It is a small investment but with many satisfactions. The new project of the App is also excellent.

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