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SniperFast research can be optimized based on your goals

SniperFast is customizable to give priority to the products you want

Our staff is at your disposal to optimize and customize the search results giving you the opportunity to decide the visualization strategy that best suits your business objectives:

  • Increase visibility (Boosting) to products belonging to categories, manufacturers or with specific characteristics

  • Create specific rules to maximize the disposal of the warehouse or products with particular conditions.

  • Give priority to specific brands in the same category or that respond to particular research purposes.

SniperFast AI. The system that learns from your customers.

How does it work


SniperFast's tracking system records all user searches


The SniperFast AI algorithm processes statistical data by comparing and associating research intents and results


The results are filtered and corrected according to specific rules that can be tailored.


The search results are sent to the front-end system and displayed to the user and monitored again.

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  • Quick and easy installation

  • No changes to your store or template

  • External service. No load for your server

  • Javascript and SEO optimized code

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