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SEO Cloud index

SniperFast improves SEO by automatically creating links based on user searches.

Get high-quality organic search traffic to your site through search pages

SniperFast generates SEO pages optimized for Google and Bing on your site by capturing long-tailed queries.

  • Automatically create an index page based on popular user searches on your site

  • Increase the organic visibility of your shop on search engines through results pages based on the most searched words

  • Customize pages by integrating new terms to use in automatic mode

How does it work


SniperFast’s statistics tracking system records user searches and filters consistent results by selecting the most searched terms

Link Cloud page

SniperFast automatically creates a cloud link page with the most used search terms linked to the relevant landing pages with the search results

Landing Search page

The landing pages of the results are based on the real search interests of the visitors of your site that update automatically

Search engine Indexing

Content is crawled by search engines. Improve the visibility and organic indexing of your site

Improve your site. It only takes a few minutes

  • Quick and easy installation

  • No template changes and improved store efficiency

  • External service. No load for your server

  • Javascript and SEO optimized code

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