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How to upgrade SniperFast Prestashop module

In this article you can find the changelog of each version and how to upgrade the SniperFast module to the latest available release.

v1.6.1 – 22/12/2023

  • Hide price if customer is not logged in option
  • Load prices in real time per customer’s group option

v1.6.0 – 07/04/2023

  • Prestashop – 8 compatibility
  • Fix filters’ sorting not being applied properly in multishop
  • Minor bugfixes

v1.5.5 – 23/09/2020

  • Three different templates: wide, compact, minimal
  • Autmatic desktop search bar detection
  • Relevance filters sorting
  • Alternative search parameters to avoid conflicts with faceted search modules
  • New version remote check

v1.5.1 – 12/02/2020

  • Generate SEO page containing links to the most searched terms
  • Generate dedicated landing page with custom meta, title and description
  • Native sitemap module support, so to automatically export links to the sitemap
  • Fix index generation on Prestashop <

v.1.5.0 – 20/01/2020

  • WARNING! Generate a new index from the Export tab after upgrading the module
  • Filter’s order
  • Enable/disable the search from within the module, no need to disable the module itself anymore
  • “Configuration changed” warning when a new index is required to update the search results
  • Image formats not belonging to products now removed

v1.4.4 – 15/01/2020

  • Added an option to redirect to the dedicated page when the user clicks on the button within the search bar, if present

v1.4.3 – 11/29/2019

  • Added support to iOS/Android app
  • Added support to currency during price export
  • Added the possibility to enable/disable category/manufacturer filters within the search results
  • Added the possibility to filter for website or app while looking for statistics
  • Several improvements to the export procedure to avoid errors caused by incomplete products
  • Improved export via CRON, which now can be used in cycles and resumed
  • Added explanation messages of the different CRON results, so to make it easier to understand what happened
  • New advanced CRON mode

v1.3.1 – 08/28/2019

  • You can now activate your trial period directly from the module
  • Support for real time indexing of products on save
  • Bugfix and various optimization

v 1.2.5 07/24/2019

  • Introducing statistics: countries, search terms with results, search terms without results, daily number of searches, clicked products.
  • Customizable search panel by height / length / alignment
  • Review-systems support (you are required to contact us to check ad-hoc solution to export reviews)

v 1.2.0 – 07/08/2019

  • Variations support
  • Mobile filters
  • Support additional picture
  • Support free shipping label
  • Support available for external reviews services
  • Improved general mobile support
  • Improved “Warehouse” template support

v 1.1.1 – 06/27/2019

  • Minor graphic improvements

v 1.1.0 – 06/26/2019

The update includes many features and optimizations including:

  • Support for the features as search filters / facets
  • Range filter implementation for product price
  • Export filter with massive activation / deactivation
  • Graphics optimization

You can easily update the module by downloading the ZIP from here and by using the “Upload a module” feature in Modules section of your Prestashop backoffice.

Once the file had been uploaded, make sure that the version showed in modules list is the updated one, otherwise please click “Upgrade” on the right button to complete the upgrade.

In order for the upgraded version to work properly with new features, make sure to generate a new export index, from the “Export” section of the module.

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