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Search for ecommerce and oriental languages – RTL support

Sniperfast will shortly introduce support for Arabic and Eastern languages which are displayed with RTL (Right to left) mode

In the Middle East, the Ecommerce market is growing

A research conducted by Ipsos Mena, concerning e-commerce, focuses attention on some countries: United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt.

In particular, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are the two areas within the region that are showing the most consistent growth. This is in part due to the greater familiarity that the inhabitants are acquiring with digital payment systems. Online shopping is also growing in other parts of the region: in the past two years, sales in Egypt have increased by more than 150% and in Iran retail sales on the Internet have grown by 80%.

Translating helps to sell

And this is even more true for the companies of the “old” Europe. Looking at the T-Index by 2020, the German loses positions, as does the Italian, with our country falling from eighth to tenth place, to 2.5% of the global market. The Frenchman remained stable, while Russia rose sharply, from 2.3 to 3.4%. But the big leaps are from some emerging countries such as Brazil (with Portuguese), from 3.3 to 5.1%, of the Spanish, thanks above all to South America, and of Arabic.

The study was conducted by Translated – a leading online professional translation agency – with the aim of guiding its customers in the choice of markets and languages in the context of an internationalization project and helping them to obtain the maximum return on investment (ROI). Here the complete article

Sniperfast will support Arabic and Eastern languages

To support the powerful internal search system, SniperFast will shortly offer the possibility to manage and activate support for Arabic and Eastern languages thanks to specific features and templates designed for reading from right to left RTL (Right to left).

For more information on the SniperFast system, fill out the contact form and we will quickly answer all your questions.

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