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Pharmacies e-Commerce. How to improve conversions

The demand for online purchase of consumers in the pharmaceutical sector is growing. What are the key elements to create a winning ecommerce?

More and more users want to buy online

E-commerce is constantly growing and, even if, compared to the turnover recorded by sales in the physical store, the value achieved is still small (155 million euros, equal to about 1.5%), forecasts they see, already at the end of 2020, a doubling, for a total estimated around 315 million euros.

A new opportunity for pharmacies. But you can’t improvise.

Activating an ecommerce with the pretense that it is enough to install an Open Source CMS, a nice template and a few euros of investment in advertising to do business is fantasy. E-commerce is not a channel but a business model, so choosing to open it only to ride the wave, following it with discontinuity is not a winning strategy.

Having no skills and strategies, most online pharmacies in fact use a single lever, which is that of price. But is this really the only strategy to create a winning project?

Reliability, confidentiality and ease of use.

The cultural degree of the average customer in distinguishing a reliable and professional site is growing rapidly. It is therefore essential to present yourself in the correct way, to provide all the useful accessory services in order to make it easy and easy to search for the product, request information and finally evaluate its purchase.

The user-customer of the pharmaceutical sector must be able to maintain physical anonymity, be assisted directly for example via chat, whatsapp or by telephone and buy at any time of the day, a non-negligible element especially if you are sick.

Find the medicine immediately, without waiting thanks to an intelligent and instant search

An element that should certainly not be overlooked is making it easy and immediate to find the drug or product you are looking for in the shortest possible time, avoiding unnecessary browsing in the categories that often cannot be many and hardly intuitive.

The SniperFast advanced and instant search system allows you to provide correct results, correcting typing errors and significantly improving the user experience and consequently conversions.

Already many online pharmacies use the SniperFast intelligent search engine, thanks to which they have cut their abandonment rates in half and increased their turnover.

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